"Richard is an absolute joy to work with. He can turn any pile of footage into a snappy sizzle, and he's a consummate professional when it comes to dealing with endless revisions. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again (and would highly encourage you to do the same!), especially because he's a deadly shot with a Nerf gun."
Afsheen Family, Animation Producer
"Richard's calm demeanor belies a very sharp wit and keen observational skills, which helps put all at ease during tight deadlines. Richard listens, takes direction exceptionally well, comes prepared with sound options, and is quick with creative solutions. He is detail oriented and on time. Richard is a professional of the highest order and is always a pleasure to work with."
L. Todd Myers, Storyboard Artist
"Richard is the guy for thoughtful, finessed editorial. Hard working, speedy, patient and resourceful. As someone who doesn't always know what he wants until he sees it, I really value Richard's help. He listens, asks intelligent questions and then dives in, always coming back with options and solutions."
David Snow, Creative Director / Hollywood Records
"I've worked with Richard on multiple projects over the past 2 years and found his work to be top-notch. Richard is able to communicate visually exactly what my team had envisioned in all of the video projects he has created for us. His professionalism, attention to details and dedication to producing the best video every time is what sets him apart from any other post house I have worked with. I fully endorse Richard and plan to continue to bring all of my future video work to RGB Edit."
Sandee Valle, Senior Producer / Disney Online Studios
"Beyond being a fantastic editor, Richard's desire to give his clients exactly what they want is unparalleled. He works quickly, efficiently, and is a patient collaborator on projects - and above all else he is a pleasure to work with."
Sadie Schiller, Content Producer / Disney Connection
"There is nothing easier and more enjoyable than to work with Richard Prince! He brings creative talent and solutions to client's concerns. His knowledge of music is a huge help. He has never promised anything he could not deliver. He has never missed a deadline. He has never been anything other than an absolute pleasure to work with. Together, we created dozens of successful commercials that far exceeded expectations and helped us win new clients."
Greg Weinschenker, Creative Director / The Alan Ladd Group
"Richard Prince is a consummate professional. Richard and I collaborated on several film projects together. His easy-going attitude and keen insights to ideas that simply work, made our working relationship one of the easiest I've had the pleasure of being a part of. I can't recommend Richard highly enough. He is as great to work with as he is talented as an editor."
David Jakle, Photographer
"Richard Prince is a superlative editor and human being. I have had the pleasure of engaging his expertise repeatedly over the past five years, always with outstanding results. He is perceptive, efficient, creative and a self-starter, something I especially value. By the time I have identified a challenging issue, he has generally conceived several solutions. He delivers on time and with a smile. Even when a looming deadline breathes down our necks, he maintains an unshakeable positive attitude and good humor, something which he must have been born with. Call him, before my next project engages his time."
Kevin Dole, Media Content Creator
"Richard Prince has done an outstanding job on Sprint's Data Product videos. His dynamic work provided Sprint with a finished product that showcased our data product portfolio. Richard was very easy to work with throughout the entire project from start-editing-completion, and he exceeded Sprint's Product Marketing Team expectations by providing quick turnarounds on changes and truly understanding our vision for the project. In investigating digital marketing video developers, Richard Prince provided the most value for the best-unique quality of video development in the timeframe we needed to meet."
Kelly Hancox, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
“Richard is an amazing video editor who will work with you to create the best product possible. He's a wonderful person to work with because he knows his craft, is extremely talented and pays close attention to every detail--but also because he's just a great guy! Even when he has a million projects on his plate you'll feel like the yours is the only one he's working on.”
Jenni Villarreal, Producer, Walt Disney Company
"This was my first time working with Richard, and I hope to do more with him. The next project I get, he would be my first choice. We worked incredibly fast, but with exceptional results. Everyone has been astounded by the quality of the film; it looks great. Our original limitations (budget, source material) are no longer evident when you see the final product. It now looks like we spent 10 times the money!"
Brian Kehew, Producer, Waves of Inspiration
"Richard Prince is a top creative talent and consummate professional. His approach to projects combines innovative ideas and editing techniques with disciplined time management skills. In the four years I've utilized his services, he's never missed a deadline. There is no other editor I would recommend more highly."
Scott Browning, President, Peek-A-Book
"Richard brings a level of vision and creativity to his work that consistently exceeded my expectations. His incredible grasp of the technical aspects of editing, along with his artistic talents and attention to detail allowed me to create some great projects.”
Olana DiGirolamo, Director/Producer
"Richard is very helpful in giving direction to those of us who may not know what to do when we get on camera. He's calm, cool, collected and very encouraging when you work with him. His customer service is fantastic, he will guide you through what you don't know to help you learn to fend for yourself in the digital arenas. Very pleased with our work together thus far!"
Jennifer Kaufman, Stone Angel Studios
"Working with Richard for a little over a year at Age of Learning was an absolute pleasure. His ability to take our storyboards and bring them to animatic life was very rewarding in every sense. Collaborative, intuitive and the ultimate professional. Looking forward to working with Richard in the future!"
Dave Prince, Storyboard Artist
"I always feel confident hiring Richard for a project. His design work is amazing and he always goes the extra mile."
Colin Wyatt, Video Content Producer Capitol Music Group
"Everyone we have worked with at RGB Edit has been incredibly professional - irrespective of us frequently imposing very tight deadlines, or moving the goal posts! Richard and his team of specialists are highly talented, collaborative individuals and they go the extra mile to deliver a stunning job - every time."
Chris Bell, Owner One1000
"Rich Prince offered to help me correct some editing issues with my first video. His input was so insightful and accurate that I immediately asked him to produce and edit my next video. That one really blew people away. We have since done four more together. Rich goes beyond the call of duty ... way beyond. He has an excellent eye for color correction, photography and layout and an excellent ear for music selection and timing. And if you need voice-over work, he is a one-stop-shopping miracle. His talents seem limitless. He even suggested a tag line for my business that we use to this day. I highly recommend chatting with him if you've got videos to produce. The work will be of exceptional quality. The service will be exemplary. His personality is both easy-going and attentive. The turnaround will be amazing and the price will be more than fair."
Stephanie Jourdan, Ph.D. Author, Lecturer
"Richard's work was top-notch, and always on-time. He was a great collaborator on content, and possessed great artistic insight for visual storytelling. He was the exemplary professional -- a person of high integrity, expertise, and social grace. I strongly recommend him for any job."
Lawrence Browning, Product Manager Pluto TV
"Richard is a master at his craft. An asset to any project."
John Dutton, Freelance Writer, Producer, Director, Camera
“Richard Prince is not just a ‘prince’ of a human being, he is an amazing artist and truly smart marketer. I am so very pleased with the promo reel that he shot for me and am genuinely astounded at the difference it has made in bringing business to my practice. There aren’t enough stars here to give him.”
Dr. Pam Stalzer
“Richard is creative, collaborative and professional. He helped make our promo reel effective and engaging. The video that he produced has been a very effective tool for our company. I highly recommend him.”
Allen Zipper, Writer/Consulting Producer
“Richard has done a simply amazing job of distilling the essence of his clients’ talents and positioning them online for even bigger and better business. I am very impressed by his talent, patience, artistry and marketing savvy.”
June Leary, Dream Pictures solutions
“I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with Richard to create a video for my business. I am the Founder of Girl Empowerment LA and he produced a video that is both creative and impactful. Richard was a total professional and thought about every little detail during the shoot and the editing process. I would highly recommend him to any business owner needing a promotional video to support their business endeavors.”
Amy Phillips, Girl Empowerment LA
"Rich Prince’s work has been such an asset for me. Not only have I had complete strangers contact me online because they wanted to know who did my reel, but industry folk have often complimented me on it. The reel is exactly what I need: succinct, clear, direct, and professional. I’ve not used any other editors - and won’t - because Rich’s work speaks for itself. And...it also helps that he’s a kind man with good taste - a rarity in our business."
Kristen Bush, actor
"I needed a new demo reel, and I got one fast! Not only fast, but with incredible precision and professionalism! Working with Richard Prince on this project was such a wonderful experience! He is incredibly kind, hard working, talented, and professional! Not only did he create a reel that showcases my work as a suit performer and motion capture artist, but he made it fun and entertaining as well! So much so, that the Boba Fett Fan Club showcased the reel in my most recent interview! In a 5 Star rating world, I'd give Richard Prince 10! Thank you so much Rich!"
Misty Rosas, Stunt person & Suit Performer
"I am a professional puppeteer and voice actor, and Richard created a demo reel of my on camera work over many years. Richard is a respectful, knowledgable and creative collaborator. He listened to me, then used his top notch technical skills, combined with an artistic sensibility and made my work look better than I could have imagined. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough. He’s the best."
Tim Blaney, Puppeteer
"I needed to get my reel done in a hurry for a specific job and boy did I go to the right person! Rich was so fast, so thorough, and spent extra time smoothing out the audio (the secret sauce). He really knows his stuff. Use him! You won't regret it! Oh, and I booked the job! And I’m convinced that having a quality reel was instrumental to me booking it! Thanks so much Rich!”
Donna Kimball, Actor, Puppeteer